Sponsored Athletes


The OG9

These 9 competitive athletes mark the Original 9Standown Squad members... The OG9.

We have carefully hand-picked these 9 athletes based on their:

  1. KICK ASS work ethic in the gym which allows them to dominate.

  2. Commitment to service and helping those around them.

  3. Passion for our companies mission to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for us.

  4. They MUST rate an 11 of 10 on the awesome scale.... depicted by us...
Rachel Kenney Bio:
   "My names Rachel Kenney I am a former gymnast of 12 years who just wants to continue her fitness journey and is able to do so by finding crossfit. I'm aspiring to go to regionals and hopefully one day the games. I have a massive amount of friends in the military but I'm a huge supporter of the men and women fighting for our freedom because without them we wouldn't have it."
Jordon Drake Bio:
"First of all, I want to thank the whole Standown crew for welcoming me aboard. My name is Jordon Drake and I have been doing crossfit since 2015. Done a boat-load of team competitions repping 'Lift Wisconsinbly' and I have competed the last two years at the Granite Games team of 3. I am currently a full-time warehouse worker at the Walmart Distribution Center and I train out of Crossfit 235 (Machine Shed) here in Menomonie. I am honored to be apart of a team of such badass athletes. Been a big fan of this company since day one, I have been in the WI Army National Guard for 9 years which is where I first met and served with Kevin. This company embodies everything I believe a good American should represent: love their shit! 'Crush everything, Give Back, and Never complain!" 
Jen Fullhart Bio:
Jen was born into a military family and traveled the world until settling down in Wisconsin in 1995. She supports all service men and women and is honored to be the sister and daughter of service men who live to serve and protect. In high school, Jen went to state for Track & Field and continued to run leisurely during college and beyond, completing many 5ks and a half marathon. Jen found CrossFit in 2014 and has never looked back. Through CrossFit, she found a love for Olympic Weightlifting and now holds 3 state records in her weight class. Jen is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and USAW Sports Performance Coach at A1 CrossFit and has a passion for helping others
Heidi Kilbourn Bio:
"I was born and raised in Wisconsin, played soccer and was competitive in snowboarding in high school. Attended the University of MN, where I met my husband who was fresh out of the military. We currently live in Southeastern Wisconsin with our two children, where I work at the local Domestic and Sexual Violence Support Services Agency as a Victim Advocate. I have always had a passion for helping others, which is why it is an honor to represent Standown. This is my third year of crossfit, I am an athlete in the new "master's" division, where I placed 8th overall in Wisconsin in this year's Open"
Kevin Meyer Bio:
"I am the Owner/founder of Standown LLC, My mission was simple; what a great way to get people involved in the the things that matter to me most, giving back to those who give so much for us. I come from a large family, most of which served in the Military and are now Law enforcement. When I am not working my full time job, Serving as an infantryman in the US Army, working at the police department, or building my company, I volunteer my time with highschool student coaching Wrestling. I Started Crossfit in 2016, and compete in team and individual competitions. I have set large goals for myself both personally and professionally and am excited to see what the future brings.
Mark Szot Bio:
"Hello my name is Mark Szot. I started working out in 7th grade with my father to get stronger for wrestling. I was captain of my team senior year. I got into competitive power lifting junior year (followed west side) for about 4 yrs. I set and held the PA state deadlift record for 181 wt class raw USAPL( 540 DL at 20yrs old) it held for a year or two then was broken. I found Crossfit from a friend (Brandon Higgins) junior year of college. Senior year of college I helped start and run the Bloomsburg X training club at the Rec center. I coached their all senior year while I completed my BS in Exercise Science. After graduation I was hired at Crossfit RS. After a year of being there my current boss (Tom Hillman) and I took over the business with 30-35 clients. We made some serious renovations and put in countless hours over the next few months. Fast forward almost 3 years later we have 130 clients and are continuing to grow. We are in the midst of opening a big expansion of our box now. I love coaching and my clients more than anything. I'm super blessed to be in the opportunity I am. My dream is to make regionals in the mid Atlantic region. I've placed 30th two years ago and 40th this past year. I couldn't have improved as much as I have of the past two years without my coach Nathan Bramblett. He's the man and always leads me in the right direction. Hopefully this upcoming year I want to qualify as an individual athlete for regionals and also send a team from my box. Lord willing those will happen. As far as military, fire and police goes I am a HUGE supporter of them all. My family has several ppl that have served. I currently have marines, ppl in the navy, prior army, retired Air Force, a police officer and two detective. They put their lives on the line every day and it's my goal to get them in peak physical condition to get ready for anything their job throws at them."
Andrea RayKovich bio
Andrea started as a Triathlete from 2010 until 2012 when She did ironman Wisconsin (2012). She then started crossfit in 2014. Went to granite Games the past two years as rx team of 3. Qualified for wodaplooza in 2016 and finished in 19th out of 60th place at the event in intermediate level. Placed at Femme Royale competition in 2nd place in 2015 (team of two girls), first place in 2016 and will be competing to regain my title on July 15!!
Jaqueline Deen
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Jeffrey Neyhart Bio
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